What's this all about?

Counterpilot is a transmedia performance collective co-founded by Sandra Carluccio and Nathan Sibthorpe. Collaborating with a team of diverse interdisciplinary artists, Counterpilot makes interactive performance works that transform the familiar, creating rich fictional worlds to be explored amidst everyday settings.

Between them, Sandra and Nathan have worked under the tutelage of some of the best international transmedia companies, including Blast Theory, pvi Collective, One Step at a Time Like This, The Border Project, Sandpit, and Il Pixel Rosso. Counterpilot works with core collaborators including Software Designer Clinton Freeman, Sound Designer Mike Willmett, and Writer/Actor Toby Martin.


Current Project:

Crunch Time (2018)


Previous Works:

Spectate (2017)

Clarity in Transit (2014)

This is Capital City (2013-15)


Future Works:

We are available for commission, and can work within a brief to deliver unique experiences in unexpected locations. Cultural contexts (performance spaces, museums, galleries, arts centres etc) are our primary focus, but we are also open to corporate connections and hospitality projects.
We may or may not be available for childrens' birthday parties.
For any enquiries, feel free to email us.